A Real Community Bank Club

A Real Community Bank Club

A Real Community Bank Club is one of our most popular accounts. It's packaged with a wide array of discounts, bank services, and other opportunities to save hundreds of dollars each year, all for one low monthly membership fee of $6.95.

Plus, you can add extra coverage to protect you and your family for a couple more dollars a month. Join the club today and start taking advantage of its great benefits and added savings!

Now by enrolling in A Real Community Bank Club, you become eligible for a discounted LifeLock membership of 40% off! (requires separate enrollment)

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A Real Community Bank Club
Cell Phone

Cell Phone Protection

Are your cell phones protected? In case of damage or theft, this service will reimburse the eligible account holder up to $250 per claim.

  • Coverage is automatic - there is no separate enrollment forms to fill out - if you are in the Real Community Bank Club, you are covered!
  • First 5 lines listed on the cell phone bill are covered.
  • Must pay cell phone bill with Real Community Bank Club account.
  • Limit two (2) claims per 12 month period.
  • Coverage is subject to $50 co-pay.
  • Easy claims process!


LifeLock Identity Theft Protection (requires separate enrollment)

Your membership in A Real Community Bank Club DOES NOT INCLUDE LifeLock membership. By enrolling in A Real Community Bank Club, you become eligible for a discounted LifeLock membership. This is an optional service and requires separate enrollment at an additional cost on your behalf.

Relentlessly protecting your identity. Enrolling in LifeLock service helps protect your personal information from identity thieves. If LifeLock detects potentially fraudulent activity for credit card and loan applications, or requests for new utilities or wireless phone services, they'll send you an alert.* LifeLock also monitors over 10,000 black market websites for illegal selling of your information. And if you lose your credit or debit cards, they will help you cancel and replace them. If you select LifeLock UltimateF service, they'll also monitor your savings and checking accounts for takeover fraud* and provide online access to your annual credit reports and monthly score tracker. And now you can get one basic LifeLock membership PER ACCOUNT for a 40% discount off the membership list price or a 15% discount off LifeLock Ultimate membership. You can also enroll additional household members and get a 10% discount off the membership list price for basic LifeLock or LifeLock Ultimate membership.

* Network does not cover all transactions and scope may vary.

$10,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

Coverage is provided immediately at no additional charge. If joint account, total coverage is divided evenly. Coverage includes several additional benefits related to accidental deaths or dismemberment such as coma, seat belt and airbag benefits.

Living Family Journal

Create peace of mind from the convenience of your personal computer. Easily organize, record, and document personal, medical, and financial information with your LifeSteps Living Family Journal, all for a minimal fee. This service is offered exclusively to customers with the A Real Community Bank Club® account. Contact us for more details.

Identity Theft 911

Defend yourself and your family from the problems created by identity theft. If you become a victim of identity theft, call the toll-free number and you will be assigned a highly qualified personal advocate who is the single source of contact in helping you resolve your problem from start to finish. Save time and avoid frustration, while your identity is restored with expert assistance. You will also have access to a website for receiving valuable information about identity theft issues.


No Minimum Balance Required

Regardless of your minimum balance each month, your regular checking account will not receive any additional service charge. You pay the same amount every month.

Distinctive Personalized Checks

Free checks will be provided to you, designating you as A Real Community Bank Club® member.

Safe Deposit Box Discount

A 10% annual discount applies to the rental price of any size safe deposit box, depending upon availability.

Money Orders And Cashiers Checks

When you need a bank money order or a cashier's check, just ask us. We'll issue up to 10 per month at no charge, if you're a member of A Real Community Bank Club®.


As a member of A Real Community Bank Club®, you are entitled to make up to 25 copies of your personal papers.

$5.00 Stop Payment Discount

Receive one $5 discount on your stop payment orders monthly.

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Prescription Drug Discounts


You and your family will receive discounts on your prescriptions through local participating pharmacies and major chains.

Eye Care Discounts


You receive discount prices on eyewear at thousands of locations nationwide plus a 30 day satisfaction

guarantee. Save 10% to 60% on vision care plus, you also have access to a network of ophthalmologists, in selected markets, providing members 10% to 30% discounts on qualified procedures.


Shopping Rewards

You will have access to a dynamic shopping program which will reward you every time you use it. Go to the member benefit website or app for the link to access hundreds of popular merchants, which will help you find great deals. Receive coupons and mobile discount offers from top retailers and brands online.

Local Area Discounts

Enjoy ongoing savings to thousands of discounts many in close proximity to where you live, work, or travel. Save on the things you do everyday in categories like dining, shopping, attractions, travel and online deals. Simply find the discount you want and redeem by printed certificate, on your mobile Smartphone, or through a merchant's website.

Big Savings on Entertainment

Savings at major theme parks around the country. Plus, save off the box office price by purchasing movie tickets in advance for leading theaters.

Save 10% or more on Select Hotel Chains

Whether it's a weekend getaway or family vacation use these great discounts to save on your trip planning.

Other Travel Savings

You can save up to 20% on rental cars and even more on cruises and vacation packages, simply by calling the toll-free numbers.