Email and Text Alerts

With Belgrade State Bank, you can stay informed about important account activity using our Email and Text Alerts. These alerts can be delivered to you via email and/or text-message to your mobile device. Online alerts help you stay in control of your finances while helping ensure your account is safe.

With Email and Text Alerts, you can receive the following alerts:

• Balance Alerts – When your account balance goes above or below a specified dollar amount.

• CD Alerts – When the your CD is maturing or current balance

How to Start Receiving E-Mail and Text Alerts:

1. Enroll in Online Banking or sign in to your Belgrade State Bank Online Banking Account

2. Select your Account – Deposit or Loan

3. Select "eAlerts: New" under the Messages section

4. Select your alert from the list of eAlerts

(image here)

5. Enter your email address or mobile number and start scheduling personalized alerts

For text alerts, enter your wireless phone number in front of the email for your carrier (ie: if you have AT&T, it will create



Boost Mobile




US Cellular


Virgin Mobile

(image here)