Protecting Your Identity Online

Learn valuable tips and information for keeping yourself safe online.

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Staying Safe Online

Banking online is convenient but comes with its own share of safety concerns. Find out how to avoid internet scams.

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Remember, you will never be required to send gift cards in return for a good or service.

* Do not add random strangers on social media. Scammers come in many different forms. Only accept friend requests from those that you know.
* Do not respond to suspicious emails or phone messages where your personal info is requested. Be aware of the suspicious scammer.
* Do not make online purchases or link recurring payments to an unfamiliar website or merchant. Think before you link.
* Do not agree to sending a stranger monetary funds of any kind. Even if they claim to be a family member. Contact your family member directly. Create a special phrase or word to use when communicating.
* Do not dispose paper statements or card information by just tossing it in the trash. If you receive paper statements or card information, be sure to shred before disposing.