With Belgrade State Bank, you can stay informed about important account activity using our email and text alerts. These alerts can be delivered to you via email and/or upon logging in. Online alerts help you stay in control of your finances while helping ensure your account is safe.

With email and login alerts, you can receive a wide variety of event, balance, item and personal alerts including:

  • Balance Alerts:
    • When your account balance goes above or below a specified dollar amount
  • CD Alerts:
    • When your CD is nearing maturity
    • Your current balance

To start receiving email and login alerts:

  1. Enroll in online banking or sign in to your Belgrade State Bank online banking account
  2. Select "Personal Settings"
  3. Select "Email/Login Alerts"
  4. Select the type of alerts you would like to receive by choosing from the Events, Balance, Item or Personal tabs.