With Belgrade State Bank, you can stay informed about important account activity using our email and text alerts. With our new "Text Banking" Service, you can enroll directly from within the Mobile App upon login. Online alerts help you stay in control of your finances while helping ensure your account is safe.

With email and login alerts, you can receive a wide variety of event, balance, item and personal alerts including:

  • Balance Alerts:
    • When your account balance goes above or below a specified dollar amount
  • CD Alerts:
    • When your CD is nearing maturity
    • Your current balance

To start receiving email and login alerts:

  1. Enroll in online banking or sign in to your Belgrade State Bank online banking account
  2. Select "Personal Settings"
  3. Select "Email/Login Alerts"
  4. Select the type of alerts you would like to receive by choosing from the Events, Balance, Item or Personal tabs

To start receiving text alerts on your mobile device:

  1. Log in to your Belgrade State Bank Mobile Banking App
  2. From the main account overview screen, navigate to the three lines to expand the side window options
  3. Select "Text Banking"
  4. Select the option that is desired

From the "Text Banking" Tab, you have the freedom to manage your delivery options, manage enrolled accounts, edit account names, add a new text alert, manage text alerts, or review our mobile alert instructions.