Debit cards are safer than carrying a bunch of cash — and more convenient than writing checks.

To activate your Debit Mastercard, please call 1-855-726-4885.

Key Features

Use Anytime, Anywhere

Enhanced Fraud Protection

Accepted at ATMs

  • Make purchases virtually anytime, anywhere
  • Receive enhanced fraud protection with EMV chip technology
  • Direct access to your account balance
  • Receive your debit card at the same time you visit a branch
  • Accepted more widely than checks
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • Free with any Belgrade State Bank deposit account
  • No additional charges or interest owed
  • Withdraw directly from ATMs
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen

It's inconvenient to be without your debit card for even a few days. That's why we offer instant issue debit cards. Just come into the Desloge, Farmington or Potosi Main branch and receive a new debit card right on the spot. Your new debit card will be ready to use the second you walk out of the branch. No waiting for the mail. No calling to activate. No worries.

Ready in Minutes

Just come into the Desloge, Farmington or Potosi Main branch, and we'll create a new, ready-to-use debit card in minutes. It's just like the card you would normally get in the mail, only faster.

Set a New Pin, Too

Using a private keypad, you'll also be able to reset your PIN. You don't have to make any additional phone calls or wait for a new PIN to arrive in the mail. 

Enjoy added peace of mind, knowing that your card is being monitored and protected around-the-clock. Our partnership with Securlock Block enables detection of potential fraud before it even happens.

  • Added peace of mind with protection against debit card fraud perpetrators
  • Leading technology, tools, and expertise to manage fraud
  • Around-the-clock surveying of suspicious activity by experienced fraud analysts
  • Immediate notification should potential fraud be detected

An extra layer of security when you shop online.

We offer Mastercard SecureCode to further your fraud prevention, detection, and resolution. This free, easy-to-use service confirms your identity with an extra password when you make online transactions.

How it works:

  1. Activate the Mastercard SecureCode.
  2. Shop at participating online merchants. Visit online merchants that display the Mastercard SecureCode symbol; it's your assurance that your transaction will have an added layer of protection.
  3. Enjoy enhanced security. You can enjoy the peace of mind of Mastercard SecureCode by activating both Mastercard credit and debit cards.

Mastercard's Auto Bill Update (ABU) is a service that will provide card number and expiration date updates to participating merchants who retain card information records on their system, typically for recurring customer payments.

  • If a card is opted in to this service, closed and a new card number issued, Mastercard will send the old card number and expiration date, the new card number and expiration date to any merchants who have an existing payment agreement and who are enrolled in Mastercard's service. If the new card number is opted out, no information will be sent.
  • Merchants ONLY receive the information if they are a Card on File merchant (meaning they retain card holder information) AND are enrolled in Mastercard's service.
  • Merchant participation in Mastercard's ABU is not mandatory and is at the merchant's discretion. Merchant participation is not shared with Belgrade State Bank.
  • It remains the cardholder's responsibility to notify any merchants who retain card information of their correct card information.
  • In the dispute process, it is now mandatory that some transaction types be Opted Out of this ABU. This is for consumer protection.
  • Financial Institution participation is mandatory. However, a card can be opted out of the service at any time by calling or coming into any of our branches.
  • To ensure card information is not shared, call or visit one of our branches to opt out of ABU.

When suspicious transactions occur (such as purchases in unexpected places), you'll be notified via text message. You'll also be able to respond to let us know if a transaction was legitimate or fraudulent.

If we have a valid mobile number on file for you, you'll receive a text message notifying you of enrollment. This message will you give you the option to enroll in our new text message fraud alert system. If you reply "STOP", you'll continue to receive fraud alerts via phone calls.

*Message and data rates may apply.